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FAQs –


What is Biomass? Biomass is the word used for biological material obtained from plant matter. All of our products use biomass fuel in the form of logs or pellets.


Why choose biomass? Wood is a local, renewable fuel that absorbs CO2 whilst it grows. When a tree is cut down and burned the CO2 goes back into the atmosphere and is reabsorbed by another tree growing in its place. By switching to a naturally replenished energy like this you can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions.


What are wood pellets? Wood pellets are pellets made from fine wood particles. They are cylindrical in shape, and measure 6mm in diameter, and approx. 3.15mm – 40mm in length


What is domestic RHI? RHI stands for the Renewable Heat Incentive and is a government scheme designed to promote renewable energy uptake. People who join the scheme and meet the requirements receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat their system produces. To find out more about domestic RHI visit Ofgems website.


Where can I source wood pellets? All wood pellet fuel used with the Biomass Heating System should meet the standard BSEN14961 and be purchased from a BSL approved supplier (BSL). If you don’t use an approved fuel, you risk losing your RHI payments. We advise that you keep your receipts for auditing purposes.

We recommend using Woodlet pellets sourced through our recommened supplier BD Supplies (link to shop where customers can order pellets from BD Supplies – to be finalised)


How do I store my wood pellets? Wood pellets are available in 10kg or 15kg sealed bags which can be stored in your home or in an out building. They should be kept out of the rain as bags are perforated and will spoil. Kept in dry conditions they will last indefinitely.


How often does my pellet boiler need to be serviced?

If you are receiving RHI payments, it is essential that you arrange yearly services for your Biomass Boiler. Failure to do this could result in you losing your RHI payments.


During RHI audits, the owner of the system will have to demonstrate evidence that the installation has been maintained over the 7 year period to allow the customer to receive the RHI payments. This is customer arranged and is not the installer's responsibility - although customers need to be made aware of their obligations. The customer is able to satisfy this requirement by providing receipts to show that the system has been maintained' ~ MCS 2015



How can I pay for my servicing /repairs? Follow the link to the budget page


Our engineers have card payment machines or customers can pay over the phone to the office



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